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Singing together will resume September 10, 2022
as online & in-person small groups

Ease into your singing voice in a welcoming space.

Replenish your singing well and ignite your JOY!​​ 

All voices welcome. No singing experience necessary.

Vanessa invites curiosity, confidence, listening, rest, renewal, and permission through

singing, sounding, and breath.

She offers playful ways to awaken to the body’s natural desire to create sound.

Toning, chants, and accessible harmony singing invite us to

blend our unique voice into a healing, affirming collective sound.

All sounds are good sounds. Singing is our birthright.

Invite RENEWAL with vocal warmups, gorgeous songs,
and friendly community.

Zoom sessions will not be recorded, participants will be on Mute for the singing,

feel free to turn your camera on or off, and there will be no breakout sessions.

Arrive as you are, receive what you need, and let's refill the wellspring by singing together!

In person sessions take place in Vanessa's Home Studio (just outside Halifax, NS),
maximum 9 singers, flexible attendance, 
singing in masks, well ventilated space

Saturdays 2 - 3 p.m. (AST)  ZOOM
Tuesdays 11 - 12 p.m.  IN PERSON  
Fridays 11 -12 p.m. IN PERSON

Email for the Zoom link
or to register for our
In person classes.
I look forward to welcoming you into our group singing session!

"Vanessa masterfully created a safe space and infused the experience with joy."
Colleen & Rowan