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Welcome to Music Lessons with Vanessa!

Voice Sessions.jpg

Now WELCOMING new students!


Customized lessons

with a joyful blend of

technique & personalized repertoire;

inviting pleasure and play into your music practice,

building essential skills in

your instrument,

and growing your confidence, range, 

and musical expression!

Vanessa is a compassionate, creative, collaborative teacher, with 25+ years experience!

She offers a flexible schedule:

weekly, biweekly, monthly,

or single sessions!

30 - 45 - 60 minute lessons

$72 / hour ~ Piano & Harp

$90 / hour ~ Voice

Duet Voice class $55 / person

Trio Voice Class $38 / person

You're invited to our beautiful & welcoming home studio in Beechville, Nova Scotia!

"I feel so good about my lessons with Vanessa. I appreciate how she customizes the lesson and invites me to do exercises specifically for MY voice. It opens me up more and I really appreciate that!" 

Jeanne S.

I gifted myself piano lessons with Vanessa 30 years after the last time I was a student and have rediscovered the joy of playing! Vanessa's teaching is so affirming, and she has taught me techniques to unlock years of stuck mental habits that kept me from fully enjoying the music. I love our lessons and all that I am learning from my amazing teacher!

Elizabeth Peirce

"THANK YOU for the lovely session today. Long awaited and truly memorable! I'm feeling a sense of empowerment and confidence in my own voice that I really want to start building on a little each day."

Paula F.

"Vanessa is a very gifted guide and healer with tremendous skill and compassion. Whether you are a writer, painter, parent, teacher or public speaker, there is no more perfect guide than Vanessa to help your true voice find its way back home."

Amy Stewart

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