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Vanessa Lindsay-Botten

is the founder & facilitator of 
Singing from the Well
Music making that feels

and JOYful!

an award-winning 
singer, harpist, pianist,
music teacher, and 

choral consultant

with a passion for supporting, nurturing, and encouraging all

in the JOY of making music!

Singing is our birthright.
Vanessa is a singing guide with over 20 years professional experience.
She invites all into
the healing, uplifting, harmonic JOY of voice, piano, and harp.
Now offering:
  • Group Voice sessions
  • 1:1 lessons in Voice, Piano, and Harp
  • Outdoor or Indoor Live Music for gatherings, events, services 
  • Choral Consultant providing harmony& team building for choirs of every level 

"Vanessa is a talented harpist, a versatile singer and a wonderful collaborator.

Her musical skill and knowledge, as well as her sensitivity as a musician and listener, made her harp accompaniment a moving and effective enhancement of my stories. It was a pleasure to work with Vanessa, from my initial proposal to the final performance. The audience was enchanted during her set of songs. I would be delighted to hear Vanessa anytime, anywhere, as a solo performer and as a partner with other artists." 

Claire Miller, Professional Storyteller 

Vanessa means 'Butterfly' in Greek. Papillon means 'Butterfly' in French.

Butterflies embody beauty,

resiliency, and strength

through their own


With every fibre of her being, Vanessa guides from an honouring heart space:

your voice matters, your voice has inherent worth,

and singing is your birthright.

What is it like to work with Vanessa?

Vanessa brought our guests together in song helping to heighten the feeling of being connected in community and allowing everyone to participate in the ceremony. The songs were personal, sweet and celebratory. Vanessa masterfully created a safe space and infused the experience with joy. We would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to add a unique and meaningful element to their gathering.

~Colleen & Rowan 

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You can hear Vanessa & Estelle Thomson ART & YOGA explore voice on the SHE Quest Podcast (one of her most listened-to episodes!) here.

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